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Unpack once
; meals prepared, served, and dishes done by someone else; bed and cabin cleaned and made every day; free top-rate entertainment daily/nightly. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I just returned from a fabulous 73-day 2023 Grand Adventure Voyage around Africa. (Click for map)
One of the best parts?
It was round trip from Florida, so no international flights!
Curious about it or another Grand Voyage/World Cruise? Contact me.

There’s not much about cruises that I don’t like, except they come to an end, and I must say goodbye to new friends, awesome staff and crew. I’ve been to 210 different cruise ports, have cruised on 14 different lines, and while the majority of my cruising experiences have been as a cruise ship speaker, I’ve also cruised as a “regular passenger” on over a dozen cruises. And I am already booked on four cruises in 2025, including an incredible Yuletide Markets Cruise — why don’t you join me? (click that blue link for information on that cruise)

I’ve cruised across the Equator, across the International Date Line, through the Suez Canal, and even to Null Island.

… and I can help you to do the same things, AND MORE!

Unless you live near a cruise port, I recommend you plan to arrive a minimum of one day early. If you are traveling overseas, I would extend that to several days. Why?
1. If you have problems with flights, connections, baggage, etc., you’re not in danger of missing your cruise.
2. Your body has some time to acclimate to the new time zone. You don’t want to start a cruise all groggy.
3. Use the time to explore the area; there are typically so many great things to do in the areas around cruise port cities.

“The anniversary cruise you booked for us was everything we could have hoped for … and more!”
— Thom and Margaret (verified clients)

What are some of the factors that come into play when selecting a cruise?
1. If you’re a frequent, or even infrequent, cruiser, do you have a favorite line?
2. What part of the world do you want to cruise to/in? Where have you cruised?
3. What type of cruise line/ship do you want? (Ultra Luxury; Ultra-Premium; Premium; Upscale Contemporary; Contemporary/Family; Small Ships; River cruises) — I’ve been on all types!
4. How long of a cruise do you want?
5. Are there particular ports you want to visit? Don’t want to visit?
6. Do you want a lot of “sea days,” such as on a trans-oceanic cruise?
7. Do you want a cruise that is relaxing and has culinary experiences?

What all of that translates to is that there is no one-size-fits-all cruise or cruise line. Are you traveling solo, as a couple, with a friend (separated beds), as family, part of a group? It CAN be confusing; that’s why I stay up-to-date with the latest cruise news and offerings. Let me help you find the right cruise that’s exactly what you want.

Could you find a good cruise through Costco Travel or Auto Club? Yes, but will they notify you of schedule changes, or be available to you 24/7, while you’re cruising in case there’s a problem? The answer is simple, “No.”

Book through me, and you will have the phone number that my children have to call me (the grandchildren are still too young). It’s the phone that is with me 24 hours a day, no matter where I am in the world.

While I’ve been on 14 different cruise lines, I choose to focus on only a few of them because I know them VERY well, and I can provide you with lots of insider tips to make your cruise experience superb!

“My cruise on AmaWaterways was definitely a cut above the other lines.”
Sharon, California

And while I can help you plan YOUR ideal cruise vacation on any line, below are some of my primary recommendations:

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