We’ve all heard stories of people having to cancel travel plans at the last minute. Or possible even worse, something happens during the trip. What now? Well, it’s a little too late at that point to seek out any insurance to cover the problem. While it is a personal decision whether or not to insure your vacation, it is certainly something to consider and factor into your vacation budgeting process.

As an travel agent/consultant, I am not allowed to sell travel insurance, only a licensed insurance agent may. What I can do is to offer insurance, and provide a mechanism for you to purchase should you choose to do so.

Because I do travel many times in any given year (calendar or otherwise), I purchase an Annual Policy so I am not having to buy one for each trip. Medical Evacuation is an important part (and one that my daughter insists I have!). While there are a few downsides to an annual policy, I feel that all the pluses far outweigh them. Contact me if you want to talk about an annual policy.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing travel insurance, and the insurance company IS the best source of that information. And because of COVID-19, there are more things that factor into the decision to purchase, the coverage, the restrictions, etc. One popular myth (that is false) is that you have to purchase the insurance at the same time as your book your trip. Wrong. Each policy has its own restrictions, dates, coverage limitations and possible deductibles, etc. This makes it very important for you to read all the details before making a decision.

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