If you have ever had a shoe lace fray or outright break, you know what a hassle that can be. How do you continue on, and when will you have time to go buy another pair of laces?

That problem is greatly compounded when you are traveling. There is a simple way to solve that problem, and that is to carry an extra pair of laces with you.
You might ask, “My shoes don’t use laces; why would I take them with me?”
Good question. Habits are traits we learn from doing them repeatedly. If you never travel with extra laces because “You don’t need laces,” then what is going to happen the time when you DO travel with shoes that use laces? Or even better, you will be the hero when someone else’s laces break, and you have that extra pair for them.

But an extra pair of shoe laces can be used for things other than tying shoes.
For example,
> One could be used to tie back your hair (or someone else’s)
> You can hold things together
> It can entertain a cat
> A tourniquet until help arrives
> Hang things from a branch outside
> A bookmark, rather than bending the page corner
> Tie on your suitcase handle for easier identification
> Hang your wet shoes (or other items) to dry
> Makeshift bracelet for beach strolling

I know, some of those sound silly, but the laces take up so little room, so your question really should be, “Why aren’t I taking extra shoe laces with me when I travel?”

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