One of the most memorable land tours I’ve taken (so far!) was a guided 3-week jaunt through Europe. I went to so many new places, met many new friends, even a couple with whom I’ve shared other travels. Some people like land tours that keep them moving every day; some like to “stay a while” in a location. Some people want a tour that shows them everything and tells them everything; some people like to explore on their own. What does all this mean? Quite simply, there is no “One Size Fits All” tour or tour company.

As you think about a land tour, consider which of these factors are more important to you:
> Rustic cabins/tents or hotels/comfortable accommodations?
> Large group (up to 45) or small (maybe as small as 6 or 8) or somewhere in between?
> Always “on the go” or stay in one place for several days?
> Travel in comfortable motor coach or [possibly not so comfortable] “local transportation”?
> Do you need (prefer?) constant internet access or would you like to unplug for a while?

If you have a location or an activity in mind for a land tour you want to take, fill out and SUBMIT the form below if you’d like me to find a land tour for you.

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