Yes, thank you for your interest in travel. Your form has been emailed to me. Unless you are an established client, I charge an upfront Consultation, Research, and Planning Fee of $50.00 (USD) per traveler for putting together a travel package based on your inputs. The fee is fully refundable upon return from those travels that I researched and booked for you.

This means that if after I have done the research for you based on your inputs, used contacts and my knowledge of travel as America’s International Travel Expert®, and then sent you a quote with a travel itinerary, that if you don’t book that travel through me, that fee becomes non-refundable.

Based on the number of travelers that you requested information for, I will be sending you a PayPal request for $50.00 (USD) per traveler — my account ID is I will begin to work on your travel plans once I’ve received the payment. Of course, if you are an established client, that fee is waived.

You will hear from me soon.

Thank you.

Stuart Gustafson